Flat-Top Paella

For the rice:
2c Rice
4c Water
2T minced garlic
6 saffron threads
1-2T crushed chili flakes
Seasoning Bowl:
4 cloves of garlic minced
1T smoked paprika
1 pinch saffron threads (10 or so)
1T Garlic Salt
Veggie Bowl:
3 Red Bell peppers diced
3 largish tomatoes diced or 5 roma tomatoes diced
5-6 scallions, depending on size or qty in a bunch, diced
Protein Bowl:
1.5-2lbs boneless chicken thighs
1lb Mexican chorizo
1-2lbs scallops
1-2lbs deveined and peeled shrimp
15-20 littleneck clams (see bottom)
1T kosher salt
2T black pepper
1-2c chicken stock.
Olive Oil as needed.
Start the rice.
Add the water, the ingredients listed, bring to a boil, lid up, reduce heat to a simmer and cook for 18 minutes.
Now, take those 18 minutes and prep all the veggies.
Put the bell peppers, tomatoes, and scallions into one bowl for staging. Think “Mise en place”.
Put the 4 cloves of garlic, the paprika, saffron threads, and the garlic salt into another bowl.
Last, prep the proteins.
Rinse and dry the scallops.
Rinse and dry the shrimp.
Cut the chicken thighs into bite size pieces.
Place the chicken and chorizo into one more bowl.
Heat your flat-top. High on one side, low on the other.
Spread some olive oil on the hotter side and dump the garlic, paprika, saffron, and garlic salt on. When the garlic is roasted a bit (1-2 minutes), add the chicken and Chorizo.
Keep things moving but ensure that the chicken is cooked thoroughly.
Now add your bowl of veggies.
Keep those moving, mixing about every minute or so.
After about 5 minutes, add as much of the rice as you want. Leftover rice is seasoned.
Add about .5c of the chicken stock and dust with 1T of the black pepper.
Mix together, give about 2 minutes, mix again. Keep repeating to meld the flavors.
Now turn up the heat on the other side and reduce the heat on the side with your veggies, rice, & meats.
Once hot, pour on some olive oil and place your scallops on the flat top. Season with about .5T of the kosher salt.
You will need to keep an eye on them. Only sear one side. Shouldn’t take more than a minute if they are dried and the flat top is hot.
Make a well in your veggie/rice and place the scallops in that well, seared side up. Pour a little more chicken stock over the mix to keep things from drying out and to help the scallops finish.
Now put the shrimp on the hotter side, a little olive oil, season with the rest of the salt and pepper.
Shrimp will cook quickly. After about a minute look for the side that is down to have a beautiful pink/orange color forming. Flip them.
Once there is no more grey showing, move the shrimp over to on top of the scallops.
Mix everything together, add a little more chicken stock, then let it sit for a few minutes.
Stir again, move to a large bowl, enjoy!
On the Clams, there are a few ways to attack.
I prefer to simply put them on a hot grill with the cover down and cook till they open.
If they do not open, DO NOT EAT THEM.
If my smoker is running at the time, I put them on there and do the same. This also added an additional light layer of flavor.
Once they are all done, simply put on top of the paella and enjoy!