Fajita Marinade

The marinade is very basic. But oh so tastey!
4 cloves of garlic minced.
3/4t kosher salt
3/4c Lime Juice
1/4c Vegitable Oil
2T Chili Powder
2T Ground Cumin
1/4t Ground Black Pepper
Combine the salt and garlic. Using the flat side of a large (chefs) knife, smash the garlic into a paste.
Put the garlic into a bowl and add the remaining ingredients. 
If you want to marinade your veggies, reserve about a 1/4c of the marinade. 
Put your meat of choice (skirt steak or chicken) into a zip top bag. Add the marinade.
Burp out any air and “smoosh” it about. Chicken will only need to sit for about an hour. Beef can go up to four.
Sliced onions and bell peppers will love the marinade.